Movement, Meditation & Mindfulness 

In our NEW uniquely designed class we will work with small groups of children teaching them how to move with fluidity and respect, mediate to enhance their focus and discover mindfulness. 


Movement - Organizing the body. 

Meditation - Calming the mind. 

Mindfulness - Becoming aware. 


In the MOVEMENT portion we will use yoga-based movement and postures to improve self-regulation, core strength and body awareness.  


In the MEDITATION portion we will teach students mental focus and breath control.


In the MINDFULNESS portion we will encourage students to be alert and aware of their own body and their own thoughts. We will teach them to set goals for themselves so they can meet their potential.




Ongoing enrollment (as interest allows). 

Ages: 9-13 years old.

*If interest is significant, we will break the class up into two groups 9-11, 12-13

Minimum class size: 4 students: 1 therapist.

Maximum class size: 8 students: 2 coaches/therapists.

*As class size allows, ages will be divided. 

*Not in place of individual O.T. sessions.



Weekly group sessions will last 50 minutes.

FALL: November 2 runs thru December 14th (no class November 23rd).




FALL 2017 schedule: Thursdays 5:40pm


COST: $300 for this session


EMAIL us stating your interest or gather 4 friends and call for us to start your group. 



Founder and Clinical Director:

Padra Smith, MS, OTR/L, SIPT

100 Reade Street

New York, NY 10013


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Our approach is thorough and progressive;

we are not just a pediatric occupational therapy clinic but a family learning center. 

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