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Occupational Therapy - Physical Therapy - Speech Therapy

Here at MMM, we have developed The Therapy Cooperative. A group of highly experienced and trained like minded therapists across all disciplines who provide holistic therapy through a highly collaborative model.  We offer one location, one team for ALL your therapy needs. 


Occupational Therapy is a specialty therapy field that helps people in all areas of developmental and life skills including sensory processing, sensorimotor, perceptual motor, fine motor and gross motor, visual motor and visual perception, mental health, cognitive skills, executive function skills, behavior management, social-emotional needs and activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy is a specialty therapy field that help people develop functional mobility, strength, endurance and improved health.  Pediatric physical therapy focuses on support the trajectory of gross motor development including building lower extremity and core strength, postural control, gait patterns, balance, coordination, improved motor planning, play skills and functional navigation of all environments.  Physical therapy may also support acquisition or fit of mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, etc.) or orthotics. 

Speech Therapy is a specialty therapy field that helps people in areas of speech (talking), language, cognition, feeding and oral motor skills, executive function skills, use of augmentative communication devices and social skills. 


At Mighty Minds and Muscles, our practice is based on a neurodevelopmental approach. We strongly believe in strengthening the foundational sensory processing, neurological reflexes and visual skills that support higher level functioning tasks such as: academics, behavior, socialization and self-confidence. We believe in a team-approach including collaborating with one's school and the whole family.


We offer a full multi-disciplinary approach with O.T., P.T. Speech Therapy and Academic Coaching (SETSS/SEIT) under one roof. 

Call for details on how we can create a comprehensive therapy plan for your child. 

For more information about developmental skills
and therapy terminology, go to our Definitions Gallery. 

Our therapists have been certified in numerous therapy techniques including: 








  • Interior Design (for Sensory Rooms & Organized homes)

  • Product Development (toy design & adaptation)

  • Professional Organizing

We work with ALL ages (including babies, teens and adults) who have:

Developmental delays

Learning Disabilities

Sensory Processing Disorder

Dyspraxia (coordination delays)

Dysgraphia (fine motor delays)

Dyscalculia (math disorders)

Visual Processing difficulties

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Dyslexia & Reading Disorders

Language Disorders





Brachial Plexus injury

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Spina Bifida

Chiari malformation

Agenesis of the corpus callosum

Chromosomal disorders

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Primary Motor Stereotypies

Brain injury

Post-Illness Rehab

PTEN (Cowden's Syndrome)



We are now offering Teletherapy and educational support programs from the safety of your own home. Available in the following states: NY, NJ, Idaho, VA, NC.

Handwriting Without Tears




Brain Gym


Beckman Oral Motor Therapy


Executive Functioning Coaching




Astronaut Training


Ready Set Learn

Experienced provider of:

Pregnant mothers 

Disorganized families and teens

Twice Exceptional’ kids 



*Select techniques (For MNRI - "Masgatova-In-Training")

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