Our Safety Guidelines:

What we are doing:

  • All of the MMM staff will be wearing the NYC/CDC recommended PPE during every session.

  • They will regularly change their masks and gloves to ensure that they are always protecting both themselves and you.

  • We will run a cleaning log to ensure our gym is cleaned frequently and to a high standard.

  • We will limit the number of staff and clients in each session to ensure social distancing.

  • We will continue and increase the use of our professional cleaning agency and guarantee there will be sanitizing products in every room.

  • Our staff will follow self-isolating regulation after any travel.

  • We will take the temperature of both our staff and clients and advise them to fill out a symptom log.  

  • We will notify you immediately if someone in the MMM family has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Staff will change their clothes after their commute.

  • Therapy spaces will be spread out.

  • Drop off at the door as our waiting area will be closed (except during extreme weather).

  • Cleaning will occur between each session and all used toys will be disinfected between clients.

  • We will run UV-C disinfecting lights in each room daily and UV-C wands are available for addition cleaning of toys, computers, phones, iPads, etc.

  • Social distancing will be observed as much as possible except with child needs direct handling for therapeutic exercise.

  • Temperatures and symptoms will be checked for everyone entering the building (and caregiver at drop off). 

  • Staff will quarantine after certain types of travel or socialization.

  • Everyone approaching and entering the building will be asked to wear a mask and practice proper hygiene (children can wear masks as tolerated, adults must wear masks). 

  • Continued and increased the use of our professional cleaning agency.

  • Utilize UV-C lights for disinfecting rooms and therapy supplies. 

  • Air purifiers will be ran throughout the day. 

  • Clients will be scheduled 15 minutes apart and rotate rooms only after cleaning as occurred.

  • Request that all staff and guests report when they have been exposed to a COVID positive person. 

  • Immediate removal of the a symptomatic individual will occur and 24 hours shut-down for additional cleaning will be considered. 

  • Soft toys and ball pit has been removed. Cushions have been recovered with vinyl for easy cleaning or will be avoided upon request. 

  • Staff and families will be ask to honor and respect all safety guidelines even when you are not at MMM to ensure the safety of our entire community.  

What we ask of you:

  • Please wear a mask and practice clean hygiene upon entry to our gym.

  • Please drop off and pick up your children outside the clinic.

  • Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

  • Please self isolate as recommended by the CDC if you are potentially exposed to COVID. 

  • Please report any potential or known exposure to COVID for your family. 

Founder and Clinical Director:

Padra Smith, MS, OTR/L, SIPT

100 Reade Street

New York, NY 10013


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