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Read/Write Program (offered remotely)


Our most intensive program, the ReadWrite Program is a customized, individualized, structured 9-month program that combines our proven programs (based on neural plasticity), along with individual coaching to support significant growth in reading, writing and executive functions skills. This program is designed for students with learning disabilities or those who are in mainstream school and are at risk of needing to go to a special education school or be put on medication (for ADHD/ADD) and want a more holistic approach or want to stay in their current educational setting.  


Each client will complete a full Tomatis Method+ Program, a full Cellfield Program, and receive consistent and intensive O.T. focused on building neurodevelopmental skills that support their specific needs.  The program consistents of a combination of at-home independent sessions of music listening and reading, along with clinic-based neurodevelopmental sessions and computer-based visual/auditory training. Our primary programs are highly supported in literature including in Dr. Norman Doidge's book, The Brain's Way of Healing.  


Schedule a consult to discuss your case and costs.  


*Clinic-based sessions are potentially reimbursible through your insurance. 

Tomatis Method - Auditory Preparation


The Tomatis phases work on improving regulation and auditory awarness. 


~4 months

Cellfield - Visual & Auditory Synchronization 


The Cellfield phase work on active computer-based visual and auditory synchronization activities. 


~2 weeks

O.T. for Direct Writing and Executive Function Coaching


The direct coaching phase consists of intensive coaching for reading, writing and executive function activities. 


In some cases, this phase includes formal Orton Gillingham tutoring. 


~Throughout the year and intensive chunks of time.

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