For all kids!

A one of a kind inclusion playgroup designed and implemented by Occupational Therapists as a sensory-based early intervention play program. Using our specialized knowledge and training, the program was created for all toddlers whether they are typically developing or have suspected development delays. Each child's caregiver will participate in the program so they learn about the developmental milestones and how to facilitate progress. 

  • Do you want to learn about development and make sure your typically developing child stays on track?

  • Was your child premature?  Or did he/she spend time in the NICU? Did you have difficulty in pregnancy or during the birth?

  • Does your child have special needs or are they meeting developmental milestones a little slower than expected?  

  • Does your child receive early intervention therapies at home but hasn't had the opportunity to go to a preschool or have many like-peer playdates?

  • Do you want to supplement their early schooling and early intervention therapy?  

  • Would you like more support on how to work with or play with your child to support their development?

Our Toddler Playgroup is designed and lead by Master degree level Occupational Therapists to provide therapeutic experiences within a small exploratory sensory setting.  Each child's needs will be met at their 'just right' level and will be supported based on their current neurodevelopmental status. Each caregiver will work with their child under the direction of our therapists, while participating in therapeutic and early learning activities.  

It is proven that the earlier intervention occurs, the more typical a (delayed) child will be. Let us help get your child up to speed while respecting their specific needs and meeting them at their level.

Our therapists are certified in sensory integration therapies, sound (music) therapy programs and many more specialty techniques. They are equipped with an abundance of knowledge and resources to meet your individual needs.


Our children will have the opportunity to play and socialize with typical peers through our collaboration with Gymboree.  

Play-based. Child-directed. Therapist-managed.


Specialized Toddler




Tuesdays and Thursdays (75 minute program)


Group 1: 10-18 months      11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Group 2: 16-26 months      1:00 PM - 2:15 PM


Call for details

*Our children will also get a 20% discount on all GYMBOREE programs and membership

  • Free Guided Play

  • Sensory Exploration (sensory imntegration)

  • Social play

  • Fine motor creativity

  • Gross motor exploration

  • Vestibular play (swings)

  • Story time

  • Songs and games

  • Infant reflex massage

  • Food exploration (snack/feeding)

~All with a therapeutic twist~

Daily Activities

Mighty Minds and Muscles is a boutique therapy and coaching organization.

Our approach is thorough and progressive;

we are not just a pediatric occupational therapy clinic but a family learning center. 

We offer unique internationally-developed programs that help anyone with

developmental delays, learning difficulties and those who just feel disorganized or stressed. Our team is a small group of highly trained and educated co-therapists who continually strive to learn and develop holistic programs.

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