Evaluations and Assessments

Our evaluations are tailored to your needs.  In order to meet the needs of a variety of learning difficulties and budgets, we have 3 levels of evaluations in addition to several specialty evaluations. 


  • Basic Evaluation 

  • Standard Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation



  • Listening Program Pre/Post-Program Assessments (for Tomatis

  • Reading Intervention Pre/Post-Program Assessments (for Cellfield

  • Home & Family Organizational Assessments 


Email us for details and appointments.

- We will guide you towards the appropriate assessments. 


Please note:

  • In order to truly understand your child and their environments, we prefer to provide a multi-visit assessment process (at no extra cost).  Typically this includes: 

- TWO in-clinic visits of 1 to 1 1/2 hours for thorough establishment of rapport and assessment of physical and cognitive performance abilities.

- In some circumstances, a school or home visit for observations of the child in the natural environnent occur (before the child knows who we are). 

- In most cases, TWO professionals are involved in the evaluation process. 

  • Many insurance companies require a 'Prior Authorization' for evaluations. In order to recieve your full potential reimbursement please call your insurance for details, prior to commencing the evaluation process.  

  • Not everyone wants a fully interpreted narrative report, therefore you may chose a 'summary with verbal report' or 'full narrative report' for all evaluations (there is a fee difference).  

  • After the evaluation process, we always meet with BOTH parents to discuss our findings and explain the findings of the evaluation, our intervention philosophy, and your intervention options.  

  • In addition to traditional occupational therapy evaluation tools, we also use educational, social-emotional, and listening assessments to support our intervention planning and colloboration with your child's teacher (or you). 

Founder and Clinical Director:

Padra Smith, MS, OTR/L, SIPT

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