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Evaluations and Assessments

Our evaluations are tailored to your needs.  In order to meet the needs of a variety of learning difficulties and budgets, we have 3 levels of evaluations in addition to several specialty evaluations. 


  • Comprehensive Evaluation 

  • Extensive Evaluation

  • Specialized Evaluation



  • Listening Program Pre/Post-Program Assessments (for Tomatis

  • Reading Intervention Pre/Post-Program Assessments (for Cellfield

  • Home & Family Organizational Assessments 


Email us for details and appointments.

- We will guide you towards the appropriate assessments. 


Please note:

  • We provide the most thorough whole body evaluations utilizing multiple assessment tools as well as high level clinical observations in combination with parental and teacher participation thorough surveys. Our evaluations and feedback meetings will help you truly understand you child's developmental status and the WHY behind their struggles. We will provide you with an understanding of how to prioritize interventions. 

  • In order to truly understand your child and their environments, we prefer to provide a multi-visit assessment process (at no extra cost).  Typically this includes: 

- TWO in-clinic visits of 1 to 1 1/2 hours for thorough establishment of rapport and assessment of physical and cognitive performance abilities.

- In some circumstances, a school or home visit for observations of the child in the natural environment occur (before the child knows who we are). 

- In most cases, TWO professionals are involved in the evaluation process. 

  • Many insurance companies require a 'Prior Authorization' for evaluations. In order to receive your full potential reimbursement please call your insurance for details, prior to commencing the evaluation process.  

  • Not everyone wants a fully interpreted narrative report, therefore you may chose a 'summary with verbal report' or 'full narrative report' for all evaluations (there is a fee difference).  

  • After the evaluation process, we always meet with BOTH parents to discuss our findings and explain the findings of the evaluation, our intervention philosophy, and your intervention options.  

  • In addition to traditional occupational therapy evaluation tools, we also use educational, social-emotional, and listening assessments to support our intervention planning and collaboration with your child's teacher (or you). 

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