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FORBRAIN is a device that improves auditory and sensory processing. 


Every individual perceives, analyzes, assimilates and continuously adjusts the information receieved and produced through sound. This is the natural phenomenon necessary in all learning processes, called audio feedback.  


By improving the perception of the voice, FORBRAIN works to simultaneously on all aspects of this audi-vocal loop, thus supporting speech development, memory and attention. 



  • Uses bone conduction rather than air conduction. 

  • Consists of a headset with a dynamic filter and microphone. 

  • Has the dynamic filter that modulates your voice. 

  • It retrains the way the brain processes information.


*Receive 10% off by using this affliate code: 3A0600270


Who Does It Benefit? 

​Any one who has or desires to improve: 

  • Speech delay

  • Foreign language acquistion

  • Attention

  • Voice modulation or quality

  • Accent reduction

  • Memory

  • Auditory alertness



  • Children under 3 years old

People who:

  • Stutter

  • Have tinnitus

  • Parkinson

  • Have bilateral cochlear implants

  • Have hearing loss under 80%

  • Seizure disorders (may have risks, check with your doctor)

*DISCLOSURE: Padra Smith is an Affiliate of Forbrain and thus gains a commission on Forbrain devices purchased using the afflilation code: 3A0600270 (receive 10% off by using this affliate code). Any funds received related to any current or past clients of Mighty Minds and Muscles, Padra Smith and direct associates are donated to charities to support children with special needs and are not used as a profit. 

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