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Professional Organizing & Design 

As a trained business professional, a therapist, and an organized creative designer, Padra offers her Professional Organizing & Design services to teens, families, professionals, and schools.


Being organized MUST start from within and consider the goals you have for yourself (and your family) WITHIN your various environments.  Occupational therapy is based a the P.E.O. Model (the interactions between a Person, their Environment, and their Occupation); progressional organizing, space design, and product design starts with the user's needs.  Padra uses her O.T. training and the concepts of Universal Design to help solve problems. 


Padra can support your family in a way that a standard Professional Organizer can not.  She will get to understand you (or your child) and your occupations and help YOU design an environment and systems that will work for your goals. 


Padra is trained as therapist, but also a designer.  As she completed a Design Certification program at NYU (for space and product design) and has trained at the New York School of Interior Design, she has also trained with several mentors and most importantly she has always been the one to create systems and organize the environments to best meet the needs of the people who function in the space.



Schedule a consultation with Padra today!!! 



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