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Developmental, Learning & Life Skills Checklists - COMING SOON!


Not sure how your child is doing relative to the developmental expectations or suspect he/she has some sensory processing difficulties or learning delays that need to be addressed.  Feeling overwhelmed or having trouble concentrating and surviving all your own life expectations? 


Use these checklists to help you determine if our services may help you and your family.  The more 'no' answers the more your child will benefit from our services.  


Call or email us if you feel you need support. 


At 1 Month

  • Momentarily holds up head when supported

  • Avoids slightly annoying sensations, such as cloth put on face

  • Some "gurggling" sounds

  • Raises head slightly off bed or floor when lying on stomach

  • Briefly watches and follows object with eyes

At 2 Months

  • Vocalizes

  • Mimics or responds to smiling person with occasional smile

  • Follows moving person with eyes

  • Holds feet erect, bobbing, when support while sitting

At 3 Months

  • Lifts chest and head when lying on stomach

  • Recognizes breast or bottle

  • Spirited body movement

  • Chuckles, coos

  • Improved head control

At 4 Months

  • Rolls from side or side

  • Follows moving object when held sitting

  • Good head control

  • Laughs

  • May begin to reach

  • Enjoys play

  • Grasps object, such as rattle, held near hand

At 6 Months

  • Rolls from back to stomach

  • Moves object from hand to hand, hand to mouth

  • Sits with little support

  • Babbles more than two sounds

At 9 Months

  • Sits by self

  • Unwraps block

  • Changes position without falling

  • Says "mama", "baba", or "dada"

  • Plays with two objects at same time

At 12 Months (1 Year)

  • Pulls self up, stands

  • Gives toy on request

  • Steps with support

  • Displays affection

  • Picks up things with thumb and one finger

  • Follows simple directions with gesture

  • Stacks two blocks

  • May say two or more words


From 3 to 5 years

  • Uses objects and materials to build or construct things, for example, block tower, puzzle dough, sand and water

  • Jointly manipulates objects with one or two other peers

  • Talks to self during play - helps guide what s/he does

  • Uses full sentences in conversation

  • Shares, smiles at and cooperates with peers

  • Shows bouts of aggression with peers

  • Engages in cooperative play with 2 or 3 peers

  • Engages in dramatic play, taking the roles of 'pretend' characters

  • Holds crayons between thumb and first 2 fingers

  • Cuts paper with scissors

  • Bends elbows to catch a ball and trap it against chest

  • Hops

  • Washes and dries hands

  • Uses complex sentences

  • Gives first and last name, home address

  • Begins to ask 'why'

  • Hops, gallops, runs with ease

  • Climbs stairs alternating feet

  • Feeds self with minimum spills

  • Zips, ables to use velcro fasteners

  • Dresses/undressed with assistance

  • Walks downstairs, alternating feet

  • Gallops and skips by leading with one foot

  • Transfers weight forward to throw ball

  • Climbs playground equipment with increasing agility

  • Builds tower of 8 to 10 blocks

  • Imitates variety of shapes in drawing, for example, circle and cross


At 15 Months

  • Walks without support

  • Says four or five words

  • Stacks three blocks

  • Vocalizes, voice up and down, sounds like conversation

  • Some feeding of self

  • Uses gestures to communicate

At 18 Months

  • Walks, runs a little

  • Marks with crayon on paper

  • Climbs up or down one stair

  • Partially feeds self

  • Enjoys pull toys

  • Says five to ten words

  • Likes being read to

At 24 Months (2 Years)

  • Kicks large ball

  • Recognizes familiar picture, knows if upside down

  • Turns pages, two or three at a time

  • Asks for items by name

  • Imitates housework

  • Uses two or three words together, such as "Want blanket"

At 36 Months (3 Years)

  • Briefly stands on one foot

  • Feeds self

  • Walks up stairs

  • Opens door

  • Rides tricycle

  • Verbalizes toilet needs

  • Speaks in sentences













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