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Our 2024 summer programs are under development!

Explore our 2023 program and know that we plan to offer a similar program this summer with added staff, a new space and even more intensive FUN!! 

Email: to express interest in more information and get on our shout-out emails. 

As an O.T. and Director of MMM, summer is MY favorite time of year!!

I love the freedom of exploring various parks and playgrounds, playing in the water and have the opportunity to work with our students in a creative and collaborative manner while supporting their social skills, fine motor and gross motor skills and secretly having them do academic work; writing, reading and even math. This year we are resurrecting our "Summer'S Cool" Program

(get it... Summer IS Cool!! aka: Summer School).- Padra Smith, MS, OTR/L, SIPT  

We will be keep your children cool all summer long exploring the various

playgrounds, water pads, fields, slides and likely in the POOL too...


SIGN UP NOW for any age group below.  



Summer'S Cool Program 2024
Lead by Master-degree level Occupational Therapists, Special Education Teachers


JUNE 17th - AUGUST 30th

Monday - Thursdays 

 9 - 3:15 PM

Fridays & shortened day

additional options available.

School-age children and preschoolers will participate our natured-based program across local parks, playgrounds, splash pads and community facilities to gain skills across all domains of development and academics.  


This is a one of a kind program, designed for the specifics students involved! 

Limited to 9 students (3:1 ratio). 

The series of activities are designed to promote daily life skills, physical development, emotional regulation, executive function, social and community relationships, sensory development and academic skills, all while enjoying the thrills of summer!

Our students will be participating in daily academics within a collaborative project-based curriculum while advancing their motor and social skills. Individual goals will be facilitated all while having FUN! 


$1250/week* + $250 for swim lessons

CALL or EMAIL for shortened day or Friday additional pricing

*Inquire about potential insurance reimbursement (up to $500 value/week) & DOE COMP hour use. 

Discount granted for multiple week enrollment:

3 weeks (5%)

6 weeks (10%) 

All summer (15%)  

^3-4 Week registration recommended to maximize benefits of therapeutic, academic and swimming goals.

*Inquire about potential partial reimbursement if you have enrolled in other camps and switch to MMM. Must be enrolled in at least 4 weeks to be considered. (Available if you enroll before June 15th).

*Supplement to individualized therapeutic and academic coaching sessions.

*For Preschoolers and School Age children

 9:00 - 9:20    -Arrival (social free play) 

 9:20 - 10:20   -Organized activity/group game/academic 1 

10:20 - 10:40  -Snack, bathroom

10:40 - 11:00  -Community navigation (travel)

11:00 - 12:00  -SWIMMING or WATERPLAY

12:00 - 1:00    -Lunch & park time

  1:00 - 1:20    -Travel & bathroom

  1:20 - 2:00    -Group activity/pre-academic/academic 2

           (2:15   -Young kids leave)

  2:15 - 3:00    -Collaborative project

  3:00 - 3:15    -Closing & dismissal

T/W/(TH) 10 am - 11:30 am JUNE = T/W


Tentative schedule. Subject to change as we customize for our enrolled children. Dependent upon minimum enrollment. Call for details. 

For our toddlers, we will be offering our

ALL-IN-ONE  Sensory FUNdations Program

We will be hosting this programs as an

INSIDE/OUTSIDE/WE DECIDE - three day program.


Our toddlers will participate in numerous sensory activities and experiences like obstacles courses and swinging, tactile sensory bins, arts & crafts, as well as music and dance time, story time and free play to explore social interactions and expand their curious minds while building solid foundations of development on different nature-based and sensory-based settings... One day at the park, one day at our sensory gym and one day we decide (based on the needs and interests of the children). 


This will be customized to meet the motor and social communication skills of the enrolled children.


Lead by Masters level Occupational Therapists and teachers  to provide professionally curated neurodevelopmental programing to support to your child's developmental foundation. No matter whether your child is developing typically or has some delays in motor skills or speech & language processing, our approach will build the motor skills and sensory processing foundation that is required to support all other skills. If you want your child to talk more, attend better, listen more, eat more or sleep better, they MUST move more!! Have them come move and play with us!!

Limited to 6 children with at least 2 therapists/teachers and caregiver participation is welcomed! 

Pricing: Call or email for more information.

*Supplement to individualized therapeutic sessions.

Time TBA

*with caregiver

For our babies and caregivers, we will be offering group sessions focused on teaching caregivers about development and specialized acu-massage techniques, utilizing the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) techniques followed by social free play. 

Individual sessions also available.

Pricing: Call or email for more information.


Programs designed to support

  • Fine motor and gross motor skills 

  • Play and social skills

  • Sensory integration 

  • Outdoor time

  • Attention and focus

  • Visual-spatial Skills

  • Swimming

  • Social communication skills 

  • Feeding skills 

  • Park and playground time 

  • Waterplay time at the park 

  • Social free play

  • Fieldtrips (school-age)

  • Academic Skills

Additional Information


  • Extended day options available for adding on individual O.T., P.T., tutoring, and personalized intensives such as the Tomatis Method Listening Program, ReadLS Reading Intervention or bicycle training.

  • Extended day 'lunch bunch' optional for toddlers (caregiver participation required). 

  • Have DOE COMP hours? Ask us how to use this funding may be used to support your child's participation.

  • All programs are dependent upon a minimum enrollment to run. Times and dates are subject to change. 

  • DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Made a deposit elsewhere but want to cancel your enrollment and join us? Ask us for a discount (before May 27th).

  • Children may be subject to a screening to ensure accurate group assignment.

  • No aggressive behaviors allowed in the group setting (1:1 support may be recommended for some students.)


Summer Sessions available OUT EAST for Occupational Therapy, Supported Play Dates, Tutoring & Enrichment Sessions
HOME-BASED: North Fork, South Fork (Hamptons), Shelter Island, Mid-Long Island.  



We can work on enhancing your child's skills in reading, math, writing and handwriting for student with and without learning differences such as ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Reading & Writing Disorders, Autism, etc.

Sessions can occur at our Tribeca learning center or at your home Out East during your summer vacation. Use that time to make gains!!!

Supported Play Dates for Social Skill Building

Does your child need help developing age-appropriate social communication, emotional regulation and plays skills to use during peer to peer interactions?  

We can provide therapist supported non-structured and semi-structured play dates with siblings or peers.

Focus will be on turn-taking, social emotional awareness of self and  other, body scheme, reciprocal communication, perspective taking and more.

Location: Our Tribeca center, local NYC park, your NYC home or your Out East home or local park. 

Other Programs

Tomatis Method Listening Program


Occupational & Physical Therapy

INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVES for O.T., P.T., Academic Coaching

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