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Cellfield – A Reading Intervention

Cellfield is a revolutionary program that is designed based on theories of neural plasticity with a focus of integrating the visual and auditory pathways.  Designed initially as a reading intervention for students with dyslexia, Cellfield has been successful in supporting people with difficulties in visual processing, auditory processing, executive function, attention, working memory and ocularmotor delays.


Cellfield is a two part program:


Phase 1: 10 days of a computer-based brain training followed up 

Phase 2: 10 weekly (1 hour) sessions of specialized reading instruction*


Cellfield clients have improved in reading fluency by an average of two grade levels

after completing the program. 

(Measured by standardized reading assessments.)

For more information on the Cellfield Program, click here.

Who can benefit from Cellfield? 

Anyone of 6 years of age who meets any of the following criteria (some 5 years old accepted): 


  • Has been diagnosed with dyslexia or a learning disorder

  • Has difficulty carrying out oral instructions. 

  • Has poor reading, spelling or writing skills. 

  • Has good reading skills but poor reading comprehension. 

  • Has discomfort or fatigue when reading. 

  • Has poor working memory. 

  • Is uncomfortable looking at black letters on white paper or white letters on blackboard. 

  • Has eye movement control (ocularmotor) problems.

  • Or has some reading skills but can not keep pace or falls behind. 



It is motivating!

It bonds the visual and auditory functions!

Strengthens eye movement control! Challenges attention!

Effects visual processing and auditory processing speed!

Enhances working memory capacity! Stimulates the left hemisphere for improved synchroniziation of data for reading!

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